I know how to work hard, just give me the tools to succeed


The people and businesses that are changing their neighborhoods and communities for the better. 

We support them and we encourage you to as well.

Who are PATH Clients?

PATH clients are entrepreneurs who are either already running a small business or are planning to launch a small business in one of our target communities or neighborhoods.  We target communities and neighborhoods that have a above average percentage of low to moderate income individuals & families, and need more locally owned & operated small businesses to provide goods & services.  

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive & well in economically depressed communities and neighborhoods, but for a variety of reasons the businesses that launch in these areas generally operate with less formal structure, less capital and lower profitability, despite equal or greater effort and value provided to their customers.  

Like all business owners PATH clients work to provide for themselves and their families, but they also work to improve the economic and social stability of the  community or neighborhood they work in.  They  set an example for other local entrepreneurs that investing in this neighborhood is worth it and that success can be achieved here.  We are honored to help them plan, launch and grow their businesses. 


Mary Ann Gardner

Ready 4 Doody II

Mary is a professional Poop Scooper that took over the business she operates from her former employer and hasn't looked back since.  Even though her day-to-day work deals with things most people don't want to you will never hear her complain and you will always see her infectious smile while she does her work.  Since taking over the business in 2017 she has grown it to the point where it almost provides her full time income.

Jessica Johnson

JJ Photography

Jessica is an outdoor & natural-light photographer who turned her hobby into a business in 2014.  With a mix of individual & commercial clients, she has experience with Lifestyle Photography, Family Sessions (large or small groups), Senior Sessions, Maternity along with Fresh 48, Save the Date & Engagement Sessions and small Weddings.  Jessica is a mom, a wife, and a when she is taking pictures she helps people who didn't finish high school get their GED.

Anna Lisa Ramos

Fresh Box Amarillo

Anna Lisa operates a catering company that serves Amarillo area business & organizations delicious food for lunches & events of all sizes.  Anna Lisa's 'whatever it takes' attitude has been the driving force behind growing her business while going to college part time and still being a highly involved single-mom to her four children.  When she isn't cooking you can find Anna Lisa working with business owners and community leaders to grow 806 Mentors, the youth mentorship organization she started and leads.


Courtney Olson

Q & D Driver

Courtney operates a private car service that has been serving the Amarillo & Canyon area for five years and has many loyal customers.  Courtney provides professional service while getting to know her clients as she gets them to their destinations safely and in comfort with a little West Texas personality included free of charge.  Courtney is proud to own the vehicles she and her drivers use and keeps them clean and in great working order.