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PATH is community & economic development through entrepreneurship. 


PATH is a program of Square Mile Community Development that facilitates small business development in neighborhoods challenged by poverty & unemployment.  We provide low to moderate income individuals with the tools, coaching, and access to capital needed to transform their businesses and their communities.


Every entrepreneur or small business owner has a different set of skills and different needs that must to be met in order to be successful 


PATH intentionally makes sure each client is able to access the resources in their community by crossing social & cultural boundaries with them 


We focus on neighborhoods, communities, and individuals that face cultural, social, or economic challenges  


We approach each individually holistically and work with them to resolve any personal roadblocks to achieving their version of success


  • Encourage and empower small business ownership in target communities


  • Strengthen clients and their businesses through skills development

  • Strengthen clients and their businesses through instruction in accessing community resources

  • Improve the economic viability of client businesses by providing access to seed or growth capital when appropriate

  • Develop & strengthen relationships between client businesses and established businesses in the area through mentorship and introductions

  • Strengthen the community identity among businesses in target communities

  • Develop more self-sufficient communities and increase the small business shopping options for community members


We are at the beginning of a great adventure in community focused entrepreneurship

Jan 2018. Four local banks & the AAF authorize initial funding

Jan 2019. First full program funded after successful pilot

Jun 2017. - Initial program developed. Community interest evaluated

Jan-Nov. 2018. Pilot program launches as a program of the Amarillo Area Foundation.  

jan-Nov. 2019. First program season serves six new and four returning clients

Jan 2020. PATH Launches as a stand-alone program 

You fit in here as part of our combined future.

Contact Info


3614 SW6th Ave. Amarillo TX 79106

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